TOP 8 applications for the iPhone

In this article, we would like to tell you about the TOP 8 apps for iOS. Here you will find TOP 8 applications for iOS that have really been popular this month. Let’s roll!

Aloha Browser
This is a secure browser with built-in unlimited VPN, which is quite important in our time. In addition to the anonymity while using the net, Aloha allows you to protect the privacy of your surfing: for each tab, you can set a password or lock it using TouchID. If your iPhone does not have the TouchID sensor, you might want to switch to a newer iPhone. Check out the smartphones prices online.

Google Trips
This is a new app from Google for easy travel planning to any place in the world. Google Trips knows all about interesting places, hotels, restaurants, transportation and other important things that you might need when traveling. Select the desired route and follow it on your own without any guides, as the integration with Google Maps will not let you get lost.

Cardboard Camera
Yet another new product from Google, designed to simplify the creation of VR-content. With the help of this app, you can shoot three-dimensional panoramas using your smartphone instead of expensive cameras. The process is not very different from the usual panorama shooting, but the end result looks completely different – at the expense of object placement at different distances the effect of depth is created.

With Loop, you will be able to create your own content, but not the VR content, but GIF images. What’s more, the app lets you apply a variety of effects and use special grid patterns.

Swift Playgrounds
It is the new application from Apple, which the company announced during the iPhone 7 presentation. Swift Playgrounds uses an innovative approach to study programming that allows you to code right on the iOS-device. It is much more interesting and easier than learning Swift via some book.

Leaf for Twitter
It is a powerful Twitter client, which resembles the Tweetbot app in terms of looks, but perhaps it even surpasses it. There is a support for multiple accounts, internal notifications, a convenient tweet editor, as well as lists, statistics and much more.

It is a real find for TV series fans. Couchy make the tracking of emerging episodes incredibly simple. The app is able to sync with the calendar, it allows you to collect all of your TV shows in a single collection, and what’s more, it can display a lot of useful information and integrate with Spotlight and iMessage.

Another application for creating GIFs. Odio allows you to record interesting moments and turn them into GIFs. If desired, it is possible to add various effects and even sound. The received GIFs can be shared on social networks, but there is an export support to other services as well.

Summing up, we hope you liked our list of TOP 8 IOS apps of this month. What’s more, if you are looking for a second smartphone that you need to use for work or some other trivial things, you can browse classified ads to buy old cell phone online.

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