TOP 8 applications for the iPhone

In this article, we would like to tell you about the TOP 8 apps for iOS. Here you will find TOP 8 applications for iOS that have really been popular this month. Let’s roll!

Aloha Browser
This is a secure browser with built-in unlimited VPN, which is quite important in our time. In addition to the anonymity while using the net, Aloha allows you to protect the privacy of your surfing: for each tab, you can set a password or lock it using TouchID. If your iPhone does not have the TouchID sensor, you might want to switch to a newer iPhone. Check out the smartphones prices online.

Google Trips
This is a new app from Google for easy travel planning to any place in the world. Google Trips knows all about interesting places, hotels, restaurants, transportation and other important things that you might need when traveling. Select the desired route and follow it on your own without any guides, as the integration with Google Maps will not let you get lost.

Cardboard Camera
Yet another new product from Google, designed to simplify the creation of VR-content. With the help of this app, you can shoot three-dimensional panoramas using your smartphone instead of expensive cameras. The process is not very different from the usual panorama shooting, but the end result looks completely different – at the expense of object placement at different distances the effect of depth is created.

With Loop, you will be able to create your own content, but not the VR content, but GIF images. What’s more, the app lets you apply a variety of effects and use special grid patterns.

Swift Playgrounds
It is the new application from Apple, which the company announced during the iPhone 7 presentation. Swift Playgrounds uses an innovative approach to study programming that allows you to code right on the iOS-device. It is much more interesting and easier than learning Swift via some book.

Leaf for Twitter
It is a powerful Twitter client, which resembles the Tweetbot app in terms of looks, but perhaps it even surpasses it. There is a support for multiple accounts, internal notifications, a convenient tweet editor, as well as lists, statistics and much more.

It is a real find for TV series fans. Couchy make the tracking of emerging episodes incredibly simple. The app is able to sync with the calendar, it allows you to collect all of your TV shows in a single collection, and what’s more, it can display a lot of useful information and integrate with Spotlight and iMessage.

Another application for creating GIFs. Odio allows you to record interesting moments and turn them into GIFs. If desired, it is possible to add various effects and even sound. The received GIFs can be shared on social networks, but there is an export support to other services as well.

Summing up, we hope you liked our list of TOP 8 IOS apps of this month. What’s more, if you are looking for a second smartphone that you need to use for work or some other trivial things, you can browse classified ads to buy old cell phone online.

All that you need to know before purchasing clothes for women

There are hundreds of great womens clothing store from where you can safely shop.
With a picking goal to look really chic, you go out and purchase a top, shirt, skirt, sack and shoes-all in puma print. Taking a gander at unmistakable avenues as for outlines is fun, yet head-to-toe isn’t the way. On an exceptionally essential level, don’t sprinkle your storeroom with any single style or graph. Payload jeans are cool, yet not in the occasion that they’re the sort of jeans you promise. Offset is key. You ought to pay unprecedented identity to style that helps you to underscore the system for your body and that permits you to cover its inadequacy then. An authentic example, ladies who have slight figures ought to wear vestments, for occasion, one piece dress, V neck dresses that are perfect to highlight their feeble waistlines. Ladies who have tall figures ought not wear stripes that make them look huge and dazzling.

To get things started, you can begin with what you venerate. You are in a matter of minutes allowed to wear whatever you oblige, so get clear about what that is, You ought to beginning now have some considered your most adored looks from a brilliant check of your play bits of dress. Moreover, here’s an expedient framework of essentials that will give you style, solace, decisions and adaptability. If you would like to see the complete range of Isotoner slippers then internet will make your task easy. By and large all ladies have a tendency to have the inborn evaluation graph which is the reason they are slanted to turn out significantly with their dressing sense. In any case, once in a while even the best of diagram divas have a tendency to foul up with their dress style. The significant illumination for such bundling goofs is done appalling inadequacy of consider their body sort and shape.

Saifcation is the fundamental requirements the one expects from a purchase, whether a preoccupations lady, housewife, school young lady, or working lady. Ladies reasonable wear is the restricted of getting such solaces. However other than the solace, each lady wishes to look in vogue and keep upward with the present layout styles without study wild and out of style. Most petite size ladies have a troublesome time discovering dress that fit them well. That is by uprightness of there is a bound measure of clothing that is accessible. It is all around more troublesome for a lady that is petite notwithstanding. Yet unmistakable retailers will demolish overwhelming size ladies, they may keep the measure of petite more conspicuous size bits of attire that is open. What may you can do on the off chance that you are petite paying little respect to make the most out of your size? Here are a few tips that you would need to consider. It’s a truth that purchasers like to get an ordinary deference for each penny they spend on anything. This is by and large as suitable to ladies’ bits of pieces of attire since it will keep being a huge explanation for availability for the framework quality. On the off chance that you need to fulfil your longing for a loathsome setup outfit, you have to know how you can get the best outline on the web.

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iPhone Tips and Advice

7The iPhone is currently the most popular smart phone in North America. With every new release, Apple adds new features to improve both the hardware and software.

iPhone 5Once we become close to a new iPhone release, many speculations, predictions, rumors start taking place.

The Apple events in San Francisco are some of the most popular tech events that happen every year with tickets usually selling out minutes after reservation open.

In those events, Apple surprises the world with a new or unique feature that was never mainstream before. Features such as the touch screen in 2007, FaceTime and the 3.5″ retina display in 2009, Airplay in 2010, Siri in 2011, and the 4″ iPhone 5 retina display in 2012.

iPhone tips and adviceThe i-Phone has always been the benchmark and the Rolex brand for any new smart phone since it was released in 2007.

Although, many Android and Windows phones may have more features, the iPhone excels in its simplicity and ease of use.

No matter how old you are, you will find yourself, within minutes searching the internet, browsing the world wide web, installing applications and making phone calls with almost no learning curve.

Every page in this website has some tips about the different new features of this amazing device. You will learn where to find them, and how to enable them.

You can either browse the website by selecting a category from the navigation menu on the left hand side, or by simply entering a search criteria in the search box at the top of any page.

What You Will Learn:

Air play is a new iOS feature that allows you to display your iPhone on your Apple TVYou will learn about the most useful applications, hacks, tips and tricks available that will make your experience with your iPhone more enjoyable, fun and productive.

I will show you some applications that I personally use to achieve different tasks in different areas.

You will see how enjoyable this experience for me, and how it could be enjoyable for you too.

I will uncover most of the hidden features of this amazing device so you can take full advantage of its potential power.

Some of the biggest advantage of having an iPhone vs other smart phones are stability, security, the huge number of iPhone accessories, the huge number of applications, and being on an Apple ecosystem if you have other Apple products.

General advice on buying clothes for women

If you are searching for advice on women’s dresses Canada then read this post and get some useful information about not only from where to buy them, but also tips about what you should buy!
If you are planning to purchase garments online, then it would be a wise move because there are numerous advantages that accompany it. One of the advantages is that you have an extensive variety of alternatives to browse. Online stores have numerous sorts of garments from diverse planners that may not be in your general vicinity; along these lines, you have numerous garments to look over. Numerous customers don’t have room schedule-wise to get out to a store and look for rebate brand name dress, which would make it less demanding for them to know the nature of the things before buying. Additionally, some nearby outlet stores do not have the choice required for clients to locate those in vogue, reasonable dresses, pants, shoes, or that flawless top they had at the top of the priority list.

There are different styles of undergarments, which can be isolated into diverse classifications relying upon their cut. There are numerous styles of dress, from the easygoing dress that can be worn consistently, to the formal dress that is for the most part worn just on uncommon events. In this recent classification is the outfit, made well known through different children’s story. While thin bodies are loved in the style business, they don’t fit true undergarments. One of the best ways to search for Jockey underwear for women would be online. Online stores will give you access to a wide range of branded undergarments and you can peacefully take your time in looking at them before making the final decision.

With an end goal to look quite chic, you go out and purchase a cap, shirt, skirt, sack and shoes-all in panther print. Exploring different avenues regarding trends is fun, yet head-to-toe isn’t the way. Essentially, don’t soak your closet with any single style or outline. Payload jeans are cool, yet not if they’re the sort of jeans you claim. Balance is key. Design and ladies are verging on conjoined. For the most part all ladies have a tendency to have the inborn feeling of design which is the reason they are prone to turn out badly with their dressing sense. In any case, once in a while even the best of design divas have a tendency to botch up with their dress style. The essential purpose behind such form goofs is finished lack of awareness about their body sort and shape. You ought to pay special mind to style that helps you to emphasize the quality of your body and that permits you to conceal its shortcoming in the meantime. For example, ladies who have thin figures ought to wear garments, for example, one piece dress, V neck dresses that are flawless to highlight their flimsy waistlines. Ladies who have tall figures ought not wear stripes that make them look monstrous and ugly.

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Is ‘location services’ switched off?

3If you agreed to get your child a mobile precisely so that you could keep tabs on where they are, then you’ve got to weigh up the pros and cons, safety-wise, of your child’s phone having location services switched on. It’s a tricky one – Vodafone has a detailed parents’ guide on the safety and privacy issues raised by location services.
Essentially, mobile phone location apps aren’t necessarily provided by mobile networks and both GPS and WiFi can locate and communicate your child’s location without their mobile phone operator being aware of it. Check the phone’s settings, so you know where location services are on or off. Alternatively, disable the GPS or WiFi on your child’s mobile.
With your teenagers, stress to them that if they use a location service alongside their social networking profile, e.g. Facebook, everyone on their ‘friends’ list will know where they are at any time, so that they have to be 100% certain they only allow ‘real’ friends who they know and trust to locate them.
Does your child know that they should never give out their mobile number to strangers?
Our parents told us never to talk to strangers and we in turn need to stress to our children that they mustn’t give away any personal information to people they’ve never met before via their mobile and the internet.
Vodafone and other mobile phone operators have parents’ guides that merit close reading and Childnet International has a longer, more detailed version of this checklist.
And finally…
If the lack of control over the whole Internet-on-mobiles malarkey gives you the vapours, you could always resort to ‘spy’ software – you get a complete report of every text sent, call made and URL visited from your child’s mobile. The potential downside is that you risk invading your child’s privacy and, ethics aside, ruining any chance you may have of them being open with you. Another tricky parenting conundrum. You can discuss this, and other issues, in Talk: child internet safety.

Internet safety on mobile phones

1Mobiles come with new things for parents to worry about – namely Internet safety, theft, bullying and who your kids are chatting to without supervision (never mind why their phone runs out of credit faster than you can top it up and always goes to voicemail when you really need to talk to them).
Now smartphones have upped the ante considerably. They’re essentially handheld computers, so worries about your child stumbling across pornographic or violent content, or being groomed in chatrooms, on their computer now apply equally to their phone. No matter how clued up you are about internet safety on your home computer, you need to get similarly clued up about your child’s phone if you want to keep them safe in the cyber-world.

Mobile phones: parents’ checklist
First, you need to decide whether you want your child to use Pay As You Go or whether you’d rather sign up for a contract so that you receive an itemised monthly bill. The latter may well be a better option for younger children.
And then make sure you know the answers to the following questions:
Does the phone have Internet access?
All UK mobile phone companies have to provide an Internet filter on their phones to help block potentially harmful stuff like pornography. But – and this is the important bit for parents – most operators don’t activate the filter unless you ask them to.
Is Bluetooth enabled?
Bluetooth enables your child’s mobile phone to find and talk to other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones in the vicinity. If it’s activated, it means your child could receive unexpected and unwanted messages, and any personal information stored on your child’s phone – for example, their contact list – could be vulnerable. Switching off the Bluetooth option makes the phone ‘invisible’ to other Bluetooth users.
Is the phone registered for a child or adult user?
If the phone is registered to a child user, it will automatically not be able to access content rated 18+. But if your child has a phone that has been passed down to them from you or another adult, no such block will be in place. Brave the piped music and endless wait and talk to your mobile phone operator to find out if the Internet filter is activated.
Check whether parental controls are set as default on your child’s mobile – if not, ask for them to be switched on.
Can the phone access chat rooms, or games where users chat to one another?
Are these moderated? Chat rooms provided by your child’s mobile operator or its partners which do not have 18+ age-restrictions must be moderated. Find out about the operator’s moderation policies and systems. Be aware that chat rooms accessed on the internet via your child’s mobile (ie which are not provided by the mobile operator or its partners) may not be moderated.

IELTS test day advice

6Prepare for your test day; success starts with IELTS

You will find the IELTS test centre staff friendly, welcoming and highly professional. They will make sure that the test is delivered fairly and securely. Follow their instructions carefully.

The week before your test

Check the start time and location of your IELTS test the week before, and make sure you know how to get there on time.

Remember, the address of your IELTS test location may be different to that of the test centre where you booked your test.

Take the time to read full details of the ‘IELTS test terms and conditions’ for important information about your IELTS test day.

Your IELTS test day

You need to arrive in good time for your IELTS test. If you arrive late, you may not be allowed to take the test.

Switch off your mobile phone and any other electronic devices. You will be asked to place these with other personal belongings outside the test room.

The Listening, Reading and Writing tests take 2 hours 40 minutes and there are no breaks between each part of the test.

Make sure you are prepared and have something to eat and drink beforehand. You will not be allowed to take food into the test room; you will only be allowed to take a drink in a transparent bottle.

Your identity and photographs

The IELTS test location staff will check your identity when you arrive.

Make sure you have the right ID with you. If you arrive with the wrong ID, you will not be allowed to take the test.

You may also need two recent identical passport-sized photographs.

Test Day Photography

Some test locations will now also take a photograph of you on the test day – this photograph taken by the test centre will appear on your Test Report Form to provide increased identity security. Your test centre will let you know if it is going to do this. For more information see IELTS candidate identity verification.

Check the details that you were given when you booked the test to make sure you take the right ID and photographs with you.

During the IELTS test

You will only be allowed to have a pen or pencil, an eraser and your ID on your desk.

If you need to go to the bathroom during the test, put your hand up to attract the attention of the invigilator. Do not disturb other candidates.

If you have any questions during the test, raise your hand to ask for help.

When you take the Listening test, check that you can hear the test properly. Raise your hand straightaway and let the invigilator know if you cannot hear the recording.

Please remember that you will have 10 minutes after the Listening section to fill in your answer sheet. You will not have 10 minutes after the Reading section, so please make sure that you write your answers on your Reading answer sheet as you complete each section.

At the end of the test

Stay in your seat until the invigilator gives you permission to leave the room.

If you think that there have been any issues that may have affected your performance, tell the invigilator straightaway.

If you want to make a complaint about your test day, you need to do this within one week of the test date.

Your invigilator will have a Test Day Incident Form. Please fill this in if you want to raise an issue or make a complaint.

Special arrangements

If you have asked for special arrangements as a result of a disability or other condition, adjustments will be made for you on the test day.

How to put your iPhone in DFU mode

When faced with a broken or unresponsive iPhone you may be required to put the iOS device into DFU Mode. Don’t worry – it’s not difficult. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to put an iPhone into DFU mode, and explain brielfy why you’d want to.

DFU, short for Device Firmware Update, is a special mode that enables a computer to update its firmware. In DFU mode an iPhone can still communicate with iTunes but without iTunes automatically installing the latest version of iOS; it’s therefore useful for those running – or installing – older versions of iOS, and for jailbreaking. DFU mode can also be useful when attempting to rescue a non-responsive device that doesn’t respond to other less drastic solutions.

(DFU is slightly different to the better-known Recovery Mode, whereby an iPhone is reset to factory settings but with the latest version of iOS.)

You might be wondering what firmware is. As the name suggests, it exists at a level between the hardware (that’s your iPhone) and the software – the iOS operating system. Firmware is software that sits inside the hardware and is used to provide various functions at the hardware level.

One function of firmware is to start up the iOS software when you power up an iPhone, which is why updating or restoring the firmware is one way to fix a completely unresponsive phone. It’s also used to check the hardware, and to ensure that the right software is working, which is why you’ll also need to use DFU mode if you’re looking to jailbreak your iPhone (and run software not sanctioned by Apple).

How to reset an iPhone or iPad

10How do I reset my iPhone? Can I force-reboot my frozen iPhone? How can I restore an old back-up on my iPhone or iPad? Is it possible to retrieve data from a wiped iPhone or iPad?

In this tutorial we will show you how to reset an iPhone or iPad – perfect if you need to wipe an iPhone or wipe an iPad because you are selling it. Alternatively, if your iPhone or iPad has frozen we can show you how to reset it and restore it from a back up. Here’s how to reset, restore and reboot your iPhone or iPad next time it hangs. Read on to find out how to erase your iPhone or iPad, and restore everything again afterwards.

Read next: How to jailbreak an iPhone | How to unlock an iPhone | How to back up an iPhone | How to block phone numbers on an iPhone | How to update to the latest version of iOS on an iPhone | How to take a screenshot on an iPhone

How to fix a frozen iPhone or iPad
If you’ve ever watched the IT Crowd, you’ll be well versed in the mantra “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”, which is the stock response used by Denholm Industries’ IT department to solve all computer-related ills.

In real life… well, strangely enough it’s often the way to fix problems that occur on your iPhone, iPad or even Mac. Modern electronic devices are very complicated, and can get themselves into a bit of a confused state from time to time. Resetting can clear out random problems that cause the device to get stuck in a loop, appear sluggish or otherwise impair their performance. It’s not a guarantee, but you’d be surprised how often it works.

For bigger issues though, you might find that a trip to the Apple Store is in order, and this often results in a fixed device but with all the data wiped clean. To solve this it’s vitally important that you backup your iPhone either with iCloud or iTunes. With that safety net in place you can restore your iPhone when it starts to have problems. Read on to find out how to restart your iPhone if it’s completely unresponsive, backup your iPhone before resetting it and more.

iPhone Tips and Tricks

9A collection of tips showing some useful features of iPhone with iOS 9.
MusicListen to Apple Music offline
Replay tip video: Listen to Apple Music offline
If you’re an Apple Music member, you can download songs, albums, or playlists to listen to anytime. In the Music app, find something you want, tap Action menu, then tap Add button. Tap download icon next to the item to download it.
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MailQuickly save email drafts
Replay tip video: Quickly save email drafts
While composing a message, drag the title at the top of the screen to the bottom. Drafts stay there until you tap to retrieve them.
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SafariFind text on a webpage
Replay tip video: Find text on a webpage
You can search for text on a webpage you’re viewing. Tap the Action buttonthe Action button, then tap Find on Page and enter some text. Use the arrows to find the next match.
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PhotosShare a photo album using iCloud
In Photos, tap Shared, then tap Start Sharing or New Shared Album. Tap People to invite your friends and allow them to add photos, too.
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MessagesManage a group chat
Replay tip video: Manage a group chat
To add someone to an iMessage group chat, tap Details, then tap Add Contact. If you want to mute notifications during a lively exchange, turn on Do Not Disturb.
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MailAnnotate a mail attachment
Use Markup to annotate images or PDFs in Mail. Touch and hold the attachment, then choose Markup and Reply. Use the tools to draw or add text, then tap Done.
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iOS 9Check battery use and storage
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To see battery usage, go to Settings > Battery. Tap the Show Detailed Usage Data buttonthe Show Detailed Usage Data button to see more detail.
To view storage used, go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage.
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MailManage your inbox faster
Manage multiple messages at once. Tap Edit, select some messages, then tap Mark, Move, or Trash.
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SafariRemove webpage clutter
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Reader in Safari makes articles easier to read. When you see the Reader buttonthe Reader button in the search field, tap it to see just the text and photos — without ads.
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MessagesForward a message
Touch and hold a message bubble, then tap More. Select the bubbles you want to forward then tap the Forward button.the Forward button..